Working Together for Educational Equity​
Racial Justice Statement
Structural racism inherent in our society must end. Our youth deserve a better future. We must work together, holding ourselves and our institutions accountable ...
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Our Promise

We Believe all children can reach their full educational potential regardless of race, ethnicity, or financial circumstance. Help us keep our Promise to our kids. Together we can ensure that all children in Marin meet the educational milestones that are critical to achieving a bright and successful future.


Marin Promise Partnership was formed so that every child, regardless of race, ethnicity or family income can reach their full educational potential. More than 100 schools, community members, nonprofits, businesses, and government agencies have come together as a county-wide, cross-sector, Cradle to Career Partnership to address Marin county’s persistent and systemic educational inequities. Together, partners are breaking down barriers, building relationships, changing systems, and improving lives.


Using the Strive Together collective impact framework, Partners are aligning around a common vision, using data to hold each other accountable, taking collective action, and advocating for equitable, systemic change.


With the support of Backbone Staff, partners promise that by 2028 they will have closed educational equity gaps at every stage along a child’s Cradle to Career educational journey.

Marin's Unrealized Potential

Persistent inequity calls us to action​

Our Challenge

Marin, a county of 260,000 people with incredible natural beauty and resources, is ranked one of the wealthiest, healthiest, best educated counties in California.

Yet, systemic inequities in schools and communities continue to limit what’s possible for many children of color and youth living in poverty; resulting in some of the greatest disparities in the state.

This persistent educational equity gap is unacceptable. Marin Promise Partners refuse to settle for a world in which a child’s potential is dictated by race, ethnicity, zip code or circumstance.

This is why Marin Promise Partnership was formed. To close the educational equity gap.

“Over the last 10 years, the achievement gap between low-income and higher income students has closed only slightly. We need to significantly accelerate change for our students who are furthest from opportunity.”
Kim Mazzuca
Leadership Council Executive Committee & CEO of 10,000 Degrees


Student Success Milestones

Marin Promise Partners have come together to align their individual programmatic efforts into a seamless system of support for all students. To do so they have agreed upon a shared set of key milestone outcomes all along a student’s educational journey, from cradle to career. While each partner plays a unique role in helping students achieve these milestones, together, with the support of Backbone Staff, they are holding each other collectively accountable to achieving the results for all kids.

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Progress Reports

Detailed data from this report can also be accessed by clicking here to visit the online progress report or here so see the detailed data that can be dis-aggregated by school, race, and income.

"Only by working together can we create sustainable, systemic change to ensure that race no longer predicts the outcome of a child’s educational future."
Jim Hogeboom
Leadership Council Executive Committee and Superintendent, San Rafael City Schools

The Partnership

Together we can accomplish what none of us can do alone – sustainable, equitable, systems change – now and for future generations.​

Join the Partnership’s growing network of over 100 school administrators, nonprofit directors, community leaders, government officials, educators, CEOs and funders.

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“I believe that Marin Promise is the answer we have been waiting for - using a proven, successful model of collaboration and data-driven decision-making to make real system-wide change. We need to rethink ‘business as usual’ because it isn’t working.”
Shelley Brown
Milagro Foundation
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