How are Marin Promise Partners addressing COVID-19?

The world has been changing dramatically these past several weeks. Everybody is feeling it, particularly our most vulnerable children and families.

During these extraordinary times, Marin County has heard the rallying cry and people are doing what they can to pitch in and help in ways they never thought they would just a month ago. Here is what's happening in the county, and how our amazing community is coming together to help one another, especially those with the greatest needs.

Equity-based Distance Learning and Grading Policies

Despite the complexity of the situation, most districts report that there are less than a handful of students who they have not been able to connect with to provide basic need and on-line connectivity assistance.

#Human Needs: Transportation #Technological Access: Computers & Printers

Case Management & Wrap-Around Support Approaches

A number of Partners are adopting and/or strengthening their case management or wrap-around support approaches focused on students and families most impacted by structural inequity.

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Essential Worker Emergency Childcare

Partners collaboratively developed a program to provide emergency “pop-up” childcare services.

#Human Needs: Childcare

HotSpot Lending Library

Ensuring that all students have digital, internet-based access to learning.

#Funding: Programs & Services #Technological Access: Internet Hotspots

Coordinated Communications in West Marin

Aligning communications, formal and informal, English and Spanish to ensure everyone has access to COVID-19 information.


Parent Buddy System

Parents supporting each other.


Tracking & Sharing Marin Promise Partner Responses

Marin Promise Partnership Backbone Team, helping to track and highlight Partner Responses to COVID-19


Partners work together to provide food to students and their families

Examples of innovative partnerships leveraging schools as community food hubs.

#Human Needs: Food

Blood Drive at Dominican University

Dominican University partnered with the Red Cross to host a blood drive.

#Wellness: Physical Health

Masks for Marin City

The Goal ... everyone in Marin City wears a mask.

#Wellness: Physical Health

Virtual Mental Health & Wellness Supports

Tamalpais Union High School District brings all three campus wellness centers together online and families and students continue to have access to case management and mental health services in Novato.

#Case Management/Wrap-around #Wellness: Mental Health #Wellness: Socio-Emotional

Districts’ Consider Equity in Making Distance Learning and Grading Policy Decisions

Districts are keeping equity in mind as they adopt a "do no harm" philosophy in designing their Distance Learning and Grading policies.

#Distance Learning: Grading & Assessments

Physical and Transportation Barriers Removed

Without physical barriers, some students have more access to educational experiences.

#Distance Learning: Scheduling & Structure #Human Needs: Transportation

Wrap-around Student Success Teams work Together Across Sectors

Teams of Partners from across sectors are coming together to provide coordinated, whole-child supports to help students stay on track

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