The focus of this effort is to increase the level of cultural responsiveness among those who work with and influence youth. To date over 90% of Leadership Council partners have completed a Self-Assessment Survey and nearly all of them are working toward equity-based S.M.A.R.T.E Goals


In October 2017, the Marin Promise Partnership Executive Committee determined that the Partnership’s approach to racial equity would begin with a baseline racial equity assessment of Leadership Council partner organizations to drive discussion and take collective action. The Executive Committee believes that students of color and low-income students in Marin will witness the elimination of current racial equity gaps by 2028 when the Partnership’s group of cross-sector leaders respond to the urgent call to eradicate racial and educational inequalities for students across Marin and take aligned actions towards results.


The Partnership’s focus on cultural competency allows it to turn the mirror on itself to gather an overview of its policies and practices as they relate to racial equity.