Educator Diversity

There are approximately 31,000 Students in Marin’s TK-12 Public Schools

5 out of 10
students of color

50 Percent 5in10

yet we only have

1 out of 10
teachers of color

10percent 1in10

The goal of this initiative is to increase the percentage of educators of color in Marin, especially teachers, so that it mirrors the county’s student population.

Given the current 38% gap (shown above), even if districts filled 100% of all annual teacher vacancies (~ 10% a yr or 150 vacancies) with people of color, it would still take 5 years to reach this goal.

There are currently not enough teacher of color candidates to fill 100% of all vacancies, and our youth can’t wait for slow incremental change.

Addressing this challenge is going to take bold, courageous action to transform many aspects of our system, from housing to hiring.

CLICK HERE to see how many years it would take to achieve this goal if 25%, or 1 in 4, vacancies were filled with teachers of color.

18 Years - today's preschoolers will be graduating High School!

This Initiative is focused on the following strategies:

Grow your own pathways:

Improve training and support infrastructure for teachers of color through CTE pathways, teacher residencies and credentialing and degree completion guidance.

recruit & hire diversity:

Improve and increase antiracist recruitment and hiring policies and practices.

retain quality educators:

Improve organizational culture, increase access to affordable housing and affinity spaces, and improve HR policies.


Explore the Data

Here you will find data on the gap between students and educators of color by district/school. Initial information shown is for credentialed teacher but you can also select additional educator categories to view that information. Hover over each line to view more information about that data point (numbers and percentages).


Note that we are waiting on the California Department of Education to release updated educator demographic data (latest data: 2018-2019)

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