Enrollment Data in Marin County (K-12)

The data below shows enrollment trendlines for Marin county districts and schools from the 2012-13 school year (the Partnership’s baseline data year) through the 2020-21 school year.

The interactive data can be customized to show various levels and types of detail – from overall county-wide enrollment down to school specific data. Just click on the options in the Filters Menu – Choose the District and/or School you’re interested in viewing and then customize by Ethnicity and/or Grade Level.

In addition to viewing the ethnicity and grade level data in the top trendline graph, the bottom graph will show additional demographic information for the selected district or school. The bottom trendlines, however, cannot be disaggregated by grade and will only show this information for the entire school or district.

The thickness of each line indicates the relative raw number of students in each population selected.

Note: When multiple ethnicities are chosen they will show up as multiple comparative trendlines. However, when multiple grades are chosen the data is added together

  • Approximately 32,000 Students
  • 46% are students of color
  • 35% are economically disadvantaged
  • 17% English Language Learners
24 Total Operating in Marin
  • 1 Marin County Office of Education (MCOE)
  • 2 Unified School Districts (Novato & Shoreline)
  • 2 High School Districts (Tamalpais Union, San Rafael City Schools)
  • 5 Independently Operated Charter Schools (3 local authorizer & 2 out of county authorizers)
  • 14 TK-8th Elementary School Districts (13 within the Tam Union HS District + San Rafael City Elementary District) 
FUNDING (Click HERE for more funding detail)
  • 6 Districts are State Funded based on Average Daily Attendance (Laguna, Larkspur-Corte Madera, Miller Creek, Novato, San Rafael Elementary, and Ross Valley Elementary)
  • 12 Districts and MCOE are Community Funded (aka Basic Aid) based on local property tax revenue that exceeds the state funding calculation.
  • 5 Independently Operated Charter Schools are funded based on a mix of public and private funding.
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