Marin Promise would like to thank the following visionary investors. These Partnerships are coming together to work in a focused, data driven, collective way to accelerate closing the achievement gap in Marin. *Donations of $2,500 and above.


Mitch & Susan Cohen

Kate & Jeff Colin

Kevin & Marita Daly

Ellen Fair

Dennis Fisco

Pat & Darla Flanagan

Mark & Patty Jackson

Ann & Andy Mathieson

John Atwater & Diana Nelson

Jay & Carolyn Paxton

Gary Syman & Azita Raji

Paula & Bob Reynolds

Nancy & Rich Robbins                           

Larry & Diane Rosenberger

Scott Clark & Holly Tate

The Waxman Family

Kathy Williams & Doug Carlston

Ted and Lisa Williams

Joe & Malin Wolf

Seth & Amy Barad

Kate & Bill Duhamel

Laurie Mott

Jim Bildner

Tim Wilmot

The Rutledge Family Fund

Ken & Jackie Broad

Foundations & Partner Funders:

10,000 Degrees (in‐kind support)

The Milagro Foundation

The George Lucas Family Foundation

Marin Community Foundation

Peter Haas Jr. Family Foundation

United Way of the Bay Area

Rise Together

Mathieson Family Foundation

Tom Kat Foundation

The Pritzker Foundation

County of Marin

Thanksgiving Fund

The Reliance Fund