How it Works

Marin Promise Partnership is based on the nationally acclaimed StriveTogether collective impact framework.

A diverse collection of over 100 school districts, community members and nonprofit organizations have come together as a cross-sector, Cradle to Career Partnership to strengthen Marin’s system of schools and educational support services for all children.

As a partnership, we don’t teach math, award scholarships, or provide any kind of direct service. That’s what the individual partners are already doing and doing well. Instead, by combining the direct service expertise of partners, with data and process support from Backbone Staff, partners can accomplish together what none can do alone.

The Marin Promise Partnership approach is to accelerate and amplify the great work of the partners by weaving together all of the systems currently operating in separate silos. Preschools, K-5 Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, Community Colleges and Universities, Nonprofits, Grassroots Community Groups, Government Programs, Educational Philanthropy and For Profit Educational Services all operate with different goals, data systems, policies and administrative processes.

By bringing all of these systems together into an integrated network, no child is left without the support he/she needs to succeed.



The Backbone Staff helps partners bring together the right people, in the same room to align around a common vision under a proven Cradle to Career framework.


With technical support from Backbone Staff, partners agree to share data and to hold each other accountable to collective goals and objectives.


Collaborative Action Teams, guided by Backbone Staff facilitators, develop common strategies and take collective action, while measuring, and continuously improving toward results.


Partners, stewarded by Backbone Staff, jointly advocate for systemic changes in practices and policies.