43% of students in Marin County are people of color, Yet, only 1 in 10 of their teachers are people of color

Educators of Color

Inclusive. Representative. Culturally Responsive.

This Initiative focuses on the following strategies:

Grow Your Own Pathways: Improve training and support infrastructure for teachers of color through CTE pathways, teacher residencies and credentialing and degree completion guidance.

Recruit & Hire Diversity: Improve and increase antiracist recruitment and hiring policies and practices.

Retain Quality Educators: Improve organizational culture, increase access to affordable housing and affinity spaces, and improve HR policies.

High Level Data

Below you will find data on the gap between students and credentialed teachers of color by district/school. You can also select additional educator categories to view that information. Hover over each line to view more information about that data point (numbers and percentages).

Strategy Resources

The resource links below will open in a new window. Depending on your relationship to the Educators of Color Initiative, access might be limited due to privacy reasons. If you require access to a specific resource, please contact Brandon Johnson at Marin Promise Partnership.

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