BBT Intranet

This page contains links and other information for internal Backbone Team staff use only.


Equity & Inclusion Hiring Policy This is our administrative tool for tracking workplan items and communication.


Adjacent Collaboratives These are groups in Marin that have overlapping and/or complementary adjacent but not identical purposes and strategies.

Antiracist Education Annotated Resource list (google slide that is linked to a webpage to that new resources will automatically show up on the webpage)

Communication Request Form

Communication’s Folder on Google Drive

Conscious Full Spectrum Response Plan

Core Brand Elements

Meeting Process Tools Check-ins, RBA tools etc. Copy slides to be used from the editable google slides

MPP Brand Guide – pdf

One Page Mission/Vision/Values pdf on website homepage

Overview of MPP’s Key Identity Elements What makes MPP’s Partnership Network unique

Partner Agreement Form (needs link) Airtable

Press Release Template


AirTable Process (FY23) Overview and step-by-step instructions on how to navigate the data and process records in the Airtable bases associated with Marin Promise Partnership

Data Dashboard Internal tool for BBT Staff to review all of our indicators (including: latest progress, how they are tied to our work, etc.).

Data Map (data sources and where they are captured in the various databases). If you want to know where our data comes from and how it gets updated, check out the Data Map. You can also refer to our MPP Available Datasets document.

File Security All files are located on Dropbox (access limited to certain BBT members) and Google Drive. Click to learn more about the security level associated with these files: DropboxGoogle Drive (hint: they are super safe).

Office Hours Resources (how-to formulas and other data hacks)

Salesforce is used to track donors and all of our incoming revenues. The outside organization Jitasa handles all of our accounting, and Salesforce sends them a monthly report automatically. To learn more about the Salesforce architecture, review this document.

Check out the Salesforce demo video, by jumping to:

Tableau Data visualizations (what you see on our website) are created and maintained using a software called Tableau. All files are located on Dropbox.

Translation Modifications You can modify the Spanish translations to improve what the G Translate plug-in has for a given translation.

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