Keeping Every Door Open (KEDO) Team

Whether going on to a 4-year university, military academy, community college or career internship, graduating from a rigorous academic high school curriculum will ensure that all college and career pathways remain open to every student throughout their life. Nonprofit and school partners are working hand-in-hand to advocate for policies and implement support practices that keep the doors of opportunity open for all students.

After gathering information from parents, students and teachers and then assessing transcripts, class scheduling, student supports and graduation requirements, the team is now embarking on a rigorous “blueprint” planning process. This process, aligned with school strategic plans, and LCAP goals, will identify supports (e.g. tutoring, counseling), services (e.g. new “A-G” approved classes) , administrative practices (e.g. master scheduling changes), and personal mindset shifts that will ensure all students graduate ready to participate in both college and career programs after graduation.

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