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Marin Promise Partnership Supports the Strong Start initiative (Measure A)

Partners write on behalf of Marin Promise Partnership to support Measure A, the Strong Start initiative, as a way to …

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College & Career Readiness – Policy Change Action Timeline

The Keeping Every Door Open Action Team has been working together since the winter of 2019 to assess, plan and implement the policy and practice changes needed to ensure that by June 2025 all students will graduate college and career ready. Read more to view their process timeline.

Partner Equity Blueprints Integrated into 2021-2024 Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAPs)

Keeping Every Door Open (KEDO) policy Action Team successfully advocated to make equity a key element of district LCAPs.

Learning Brief: Supporting the High School to College Transition for Latinx Students

School-Nonprofit partnerships, program sequencing, and combining multiple student supports are all working to increase 2nd year persistence for Latinx students.