Cross-Milestone Initiatives

These Initiatives address root causes that cut across multiple milestone areas. They are county-wide efforts led by the Partnership’s Leadership Council.

The Partnership’s cross Milestone effort began in November of 2015 with a Leadership Council full-day retreat facilitated by the National Equity Project. After developing a common language and point of view around educational equity, the effort expanded into a county-wide, data-informed, community-based process. This process included hosting a listening session at a county-wide Equity Summit, gathering input from over 50 community members and nonprofit organizations, and examining a variety of data sets disaggregated by race and income.

Based on all of this information, the Leadership Council decided to focus on key initiatives that will accelerate overall progress across the Cradle to Career continuum, starting with the Cultural Responsiveness effort:

  • Cultural Responsiveness Initiative
  • Marin Educators for Equity Initiative
  • Funding Equity Initiative
  • West Marin Whole Child Initiative
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