Future Ready: College, Career & Beyond

College & Career Readiness
College & Career Enrollment
College & Career Completion

By 2028, Marin’s High School and Postsecondary education ecosystem will prepare students, regardless of race, ethnicity, zip code or financial circumstance, to become confident young adults with the social, emotional and academic skills they need to be ready for, continue into, and successfully complete their learning journey after graduating high school.

Partners engaged in this Initiative:

  • 10,000 Degrees
  • Bridge the Gap College Prep
  • Canal Alliance
  • College of Marin
  • Dominican University
  • Huckleberry Youth Programs
  • Next Generation Scholars
  • Novato Unified School District
  • PBLWorks
  • San Rafael City Schools
  • Santa Rosa Junior College
  • Shoreline Unified School District
  • Tamalpais Union High School District

Collaborative Action Strategies

In addition to individual programs operated by each Partner organization, the members of the Future Ready Team have identified the following collaborative action strategies.

Success Networks

Increase early, collaborative, whole-child intervention support.

Financial Aid

Improve support infrastructure.

College & Career Readiness Plans

Increase and improve communication, awareness and understanding of future readiness requirements for students and families.

LCAP/Blueprint Policy & Practice Shifts

Increase collaborative support for common policy or practice shifts associated with Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP)/Blueprint action items such as: graduation requirements, standards based grading, project based learning, ethnic studies, multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS), and shared data systems.

Postsecondary Bridging & Belonging

Improving transition to post-secondary programs.

Additional Information

Why "Future Ready"?

The term "Future Ready" best represents what Partners collectively believe is the team's overarching goal: To prepare students, socially, emotionally and academically, for any bright future of their choosing while also ensuring that all postsecondary pathways are open to all students after graduation.


Over the years, partners have identified the importance of how social, emotional, and academic factors impact future outcomes for students. Partners have identified that while they share a common goal of postsecondary attainment for all students, they recognize that each student's postsecondary pathway might look different as they follow their own dreams.

What happened to CRAT, CEAT, Enrollment Teams?

In order to continue the work started last year weaving together the work of the Plan, Enrollment, KEDO, and Completion teams, we’re bringing everyone together as a Future Ready dream team. Starting September 23, 2021, we will begin having partners from these teams meet as a single group to better integrate all of the strategies that are working toward educational equity in college and career readiness, enrollment, and completion (while still using small groups to move the action forward).


Shared Data

Below is a slide show of the team’s current set of shared data. This data is used at each monthly meeting as part of the collaborative improvement process facilitated by the Partnership’s Backbone staff. It is used to help the team assess, adjust, and/or amplify its collaborative action strategies.