Fall Partnership Summit – an exciting new asynchronous engagement experience

October 18, 2021

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Welcome to the Partnership Summit

Weekly Themes (click on any week to jump to that content):

Week 1 (Oct 11-15) – Overview of the Summit.

Week 2 (Oct 18-22) – Partner Videos, Profiles, & Values

Week 3 (Oct 25-29) – “Listen Up!” Partner Podcasts & Podcast Recommendations

Week 4 (Nov 1-5) – Working Together for Educational Equity – Video Vignettes

Week 5 (Nov 8-12) – Making Systemic Shifts in Policy, Practice, and Power

Week 6 (Nov 15-30) – The Partnership Today & Tomorrow

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Check-in Engagement ... Share your experience

Just like a check-in during a Partnership meeting, this Summit experience will ask you to share a quick reflection before getting in to the content theme for the week. Please take a minute to stop and contribute to this check-in space before you dive into the week’s content. 

Achieving educational equity is a long and difficult journey that we each experience in different ways. Share your thoughts below

Week 6: The Partnership Today & Tomorrow

This last theme focuses on taking a wide angle look at the Partnership as it is today in the 2020-21 school year and where its going over then next 3-5 years. Click on any of the images below to enlarge and learn more.

Partnership Leaders Share Their Vision

Jacqui Esquivel Vasquez, Marin Promise Partnership’s Manager of Partnership Engagement hosts a conversation with three Partnership leaders who are serving on the Strategic Planning Steering Committee – Board Chair, Chandra Alexander (Community Action Marin), Youth & Family Council member, Monica Canas (Parent & Trustee in the Larkspur-Corte Madera School District), and long-term Action Team member, Anna Pilloton (College of Marin)

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Panelists to introduce themselves, the governing body they represent in the Partnership, and share what they hope to see as a result of shifting power in Marin’s educational systems.

Partnership Initiatives, Backbone Support & The Strategic Planning Process

Just like your small break out conversations at a Partnership meeting, now you have a chance to add your voice to this week’s theme. Please take a minute to stop and share a little bit about how you, or your organization, is involved in moving the collective impact of the Partnership forward.

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Racial Equity Statement

Marin Promise Partners believe that a shared racial equity statement will amplify our collective impact. Join us in posting this statement and promoting racial equity in Marin.

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