Antiracist Education Learning Brief

October 18, 2021

Marin Promise Partnership is one of 7 communities across the country that have been involved in the Strive Together Systems Transformation Systems Indicator project. Out of this work, Marin Promise Partnership created a Learning Brief on Antiracist Education that focuses on several of the Systems Indicators, especially the Culturally Responsive Curriculum indicator.

Systems Transformation - Antiracist Education

In Systems Transformation communities, the civic infrastructure exists where all Black, Indigenous, Latinx and Asian youth and families and those experiencing poverty have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential, from cradle to career. This is a result of partnership with system leaders in making fundamental and institutionalized shifts in policies, practices, resources and power structures to eliminate structural racism and advance equitable outcomes.

This learning brief touches on a few of the Systems Indicators developed during Marin Promise Partnership’s work with the Strive Together Racial and Ethnic Equity Action Team and the Systems Indicator cohort. These include:

Click HERE to read the full Strive Together Guide to Racial and Ethnic Equity Systems Indicators

HERE is a more detailed look at some of the data behind these indicators