White Hill Middle School

Not wanting to leave Middle Schoolers without support while the district phased in its Hybrid model, a Learning Hub was set up on campus. Starting with a small focused cohort, the plan is to place small groups of 5-6 students in each classroom where they will independently attend their own Distance Learning classes while a … Read more

West Marin School

Another great example of community collaboration. This Learning Hub started in the West Marin Library and recently moved over to the West Marin School. As is the case with most Hubs, staff availability was this Hub’s limiting factor. When additional staff was needed to expand the Hub’s reach, the Library was able to leverage its … Read more

Novato High School Library

Like many other High Schools, Novato, has opened up empty space on its campus for specific groups of students who are identified as at risk of greater impact under a Distance Learning environment. Click HERE to return to the Learning Hub Information Portal

Marin City Recreation Center

This Hub is another shining example of community collaboration. It was initiated by the efforts of two WIllow Creek board members who helped coordinate the launch effort and connect the dots. The Marin City Community Services District provides the facility, Play Marin provides the staff to operate the Hub, Conscious Kitchen supports with food, and … Read more

Bridge the Gap College Prep

As a long-time Partner in the Tam Success Network, and with strong relationships in the Marin City community, Bridge the Gap’s location in the Golden Gate Village residential area was a natural fit for a Learning Hub.

Bolinas Community Center

When Bolinas students in the Tam Success Network needed additional Distance Learning support but transportation over the mountain to a Learning Hub wasn’t possible, the multidisciplinary Success Team stepped up and coordinated a Learning Hub partnership right in Bolinas. The Bolinas Community Center provided the facility, MCOE provided funding to enhance the center’s broadband internet, … Read more

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