Celebrating Bridge the Gap’s Learning Hub

May 5, 2021

Everyone gathered outside the center to acknowledge and commend the effort of the Learning Hub staff and everyone who made this program a success. Thank you to the Advisory Council for the delicious food and beautiful orchids, and to everyone who expressed words of deep gratitude for the amazing team. It was so beautiful to see everyone’s faces!

In the fall of 2020, communities across the country opened Learning Hubs: in-person, safe spaces for groups of students in need. Bridge the Gap Learning Hub provided local high school students with academic support, including help with distance learning and access to technology. In addition, caring staff provided ongoing, whole-student support and daily meals. The Learning Hub was an important community resource that allowed Bridge the Gap to address the inequities exacerbated by the pandemic. We are excited to celebrate the achievements of their staff, volunteers, and students as schools re-open and students safely return to in-person learning.

A special thank you to Learning Hub Staff: Derneshia Morgan, Rosita Cifuentes, Sean Carter, and Derek Morgan.