Community Schools Move Forward in Marin

June 22, 2022

Congratulations to the four qualifying districts (SRCS, SUSD, SMCSD and MCOE) that received Community Schools state grants to support their efforts to work in partnership with community-based services, families and each other.

In line with the Partnership’s belief that our children are better served, and educational equity achieved, when all who touch their lives are working together in concert with one another, this past quarter the Backbone Team responded to Partner interest in the statewide Community Schools initiative (now known as the California Community Schools Partnership Program – CCSPP). As part of work with Partners, the Backbone Team identified the schools in our county that qualified to participate in this program and worked with the interested Partners to help them apply for Community Schools grants. Four qualifying districts applied and were granted the funds: SRCS, SUSD, MCOE’s community school were granted $200,000 each for a planning year and SMCSD was granted a 5-year implementation grant totaling $742,500. The Backbone Team celebrates and congratulates these Partners for their work, dedication, and courage to step into a new way of working together with community-based services, families and each other. Click HERE to read the recent IJ article about these grant awards.

Community Schools align perfectly with Marin Promise Partnership’s educational equity mission and many of its core values and principles: whole-child learning, multi-sector and community engagement, evidence-based, integrated approaches to supporting students in and out of school, and collaboration, just to name a few. The foundation for this approach is rich and fertile in this county and will build off 10 years of investment in growing and strengthening the Partnerships’ work together.

Please visit any of the links above to learn more about Community Schools or click HERE to read the CCSPP FAQ, HERE to view the March 8th Grant Information Webinar Slides, or HERE to read an EdSource article.

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