Funding Coordination of Direct Family Support

Many Partners are working together to provide families with direct funding support. MCF and HHS have partnered to set up a Rental Assistance Fund Canal Alliance is partnering to distribute a direct needs fund WM Fund is partnering with local Preschools to assess & distribute direct family support Parent Services Project, Canal Alliance, Multicultural Center … Read more

Partners work together to provide food to students and their families

Here are just a few of the examples of how Partners are working together to provide for student’s basic food needs All Districts continue to provide school meals. Bridge the Gap, Performing Stars, PlayMain!, Conscious Kitchens, SF-Marin Foodbank, and SMCSD partner to provide school meals, dinners, “bags of love” and pop-up pantries.  SUSD is using … Read more

Coordinated Communications in West Marin

West Marin Collaborative is exploring ways to coordinate outreach among formal communication channels (Community Commons Connect, KWMR, West Marin Feed, etc.) as well as integrate informal channels, especially ones in Spanish. West Marin Fund is contracting an interim project coordinator.

HotSpot Lending Library

Marin County Free Libraries (MCFL) convened a working group to assess student internet connection needs so that funding could be pooled to efficiently match needs with resources in closing the digital divide for students across Marin.

Case Management & Wrap-Around Support Approaches

A number of Partners are adopting and/or strengthening their case management or wrap-around support approaches focused on students and families most impacted by structural inequity. Canal Alliance, has reallocated staff resources to triage and provide case management support to thousands of incoming requests for assistance. THS Success Network is meeting weekly instead of monthly, to … Read more

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