Learning Brief: Creating a Network for Student Success through Site-Based Support Teams

November 8, 2019

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Differentiated support roles + shared accountability for outcomes + facilitated coordination help Marin City students move through high school with confidence and educational success

Click HERE to download this Learning Brief.

Despite being home to the country’s first integrated federal housing project, Marin City today is physically, economically, and racially divided from the rest of Marin county, due to a legacy of structural discrimination and racism. This history manifests within our education system: students of color at Tamalpais High School (Tam), especially those from Marin City, have historically experienced less positive outcomes than their peers. This collaborative was implemented to change this story for Marin City students at Tamalpais high school. To transform the environment, experiences, and educational outcomes for students, the Success Network Action Team has implemented several collective practice shifts that have resulted in dramatic increases in the college & career readiness among Marin City students of color, a primary indicator of their long-term educational success.