Learning Hub Funding

November 23, 2020

Learning Hubs are being funded in a variety of ways. However, even with all of these various sources, many have had to cut back their hours (from 7am-7pm to 8am-4:30pm) and nearly all are having a difficult time finding staff. As noted in our Summary Data information, there are many more low-income students still in need of the Distance Learning support services provided by Hubs. And the need is only becoming more logistically complicated as Hybrid Learning models in schools fragment students’ weekly Distance Learning schedules in to am/pm or 2day A/B rotations [Learn more about Hybrid school schedules HERE].

Here’s what we’ve learned so far about where funding is coming from…

  • Bank of Marin donated $200K to support the start-up of new Learning Hub services.
  • MCOE has re-purposed funds from P3 Early Start Success Grants and Title III Homeless and Foster Youth Funds to support Hubs.
  • Marin Community Foundation (MCF) has made a $1M grant to support existing Childcare Centers (many have adapted their before/aftercare programs for school age children into full day Learning Hubs) and another $500K grant to help support Middle and High School Learning Hubs.
  • Several Local Crowdfunding campaigns have been launched to support Hubs
  • Some Childcare Centers received CARES Act funding and are using their Title V funding to support expanded Hub services.
  • Marin Child Care Council provides voucher subsidies to families who qualify for income-based support.
  • Some Hubs generate funds from fee-based open enrollment students.
  • Hubs operated by schools are supported by district funds and CARES Act funding.