Learning Hub Summary Data

November 23, 2020

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Despite a growing number of Hubs and increased capacity, only a fraction of students of color or those living in poverty are attending a Learning Hub. Here are the data highlights.

In comparing the county-wide student demographic data below to the Hubs data to the right, only 16.5% of students living in poverty and 10% of students of color are attending Learning Hubs (as of the date shown to the left)

  • There are approximately 34,000 K-12th Grade Students in Marin.
  • About 28% (9,500) of Marin students are from low-income families and about 46% (15,500) are students of color.

(Source: Data Quest – Income/Race)

To the left is a summary of the data Marin Promise Partnership has collected from Hub operators and MCOE.

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