Marjorie Delgadillo – A Fierce Champion for Equity

December 16, 2021

After 18 months as Manager of Youth and Family and Community Collaboratives, Marjorie Delgadillo will be leaving the Partnership’s Backbone staff to look for her next career opportunity. A fierce champion of the underserved, she has advocated for and supported the launch of the Partnership’s Youth and Family Council, not as advisors, but as empowered members of the governance team at Marin Promise Partnership. This systemic shift in the Partnership’s governance structure is a legacy of empowerment that Marjorie leaves with us as she moves forward in her journey.

In her time with MPP Marjorie helped recruit and onboard 15 Youth and Family Council members and has also helped to launch the Canal Collaborative, modeled on the successful and long standing West Marin Collaborative. Marjorie has been instrumental in advocating for Youth and Family stipends, developing translation and interpretation services and providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all Partners.

Marjorie has been a dedicated teammate and has always exhibited a positive attitude and a ready smile. We will miss Marjorie and wish her all the best as she takes this next step in her long dedication to the values of justice, inclusion and compassion.

Marjorie will be connecting with the Collaboratives and Youth and Family Council over the next few weeks as she makes her transition. Any questions or communications regarding the Youth and Family Council or the Canal Collaborative should be redirected to Maria Niggle (