Partners Stand up for Bilingual Education and Against School Segregation

January 16, 2020

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San Rafael City Schools and Canal Alliance turn a racially charged incident into an opportunity to discuss bilingualism and segregation.

Two members of Marin Promise Partners Executive Committee, San Rafael City Schools and Canal Alliance, were recently featured on a segment of Fox KTVU Chanel 2 news in response to a racial incident at San Pedro Elementary School.

After being notified that a 4 by 6 foot piece of paper with the words: “Got English?” was draped it over the school’s marquee, Superintendent Hogeboom shared his disapproval in the school newsletter, but also used the incident to discuss the long-standing issue of racial segregation. He also noted that San Rafael schools are planning dual-immersion programs because bilingual skills are valued in the workplace and sought after because they give students a competitive edge.

Omar Carrera, Executive Director of Canal Alliance, noted that “Nobody is pleased to see segregated schools, but the question is how is that happening, in 2020, in one of the most progressive counties of the United States? … we want to make sure all students feel welcome, supported, and loved.”

Supporting each other to speak up and take action for racial equity is a core element of the Partnership. See below to learn more about what partners are doing to close educational equity gaps and promote culturally responsive action throughout Marin county.

Racial Equity Statement
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More Cultural Responsiveness Resources​

Organizational Self-Assessment Related to Racial Equity

Introduction to the Racial Equity Self-Assessment When was it started? In October 2017, the Partnership’s Executive Committee determined that its approach to racial equity would begin with a baseline racial equity assessment of our partner organizations to drive discussion and take collective action. The Tool for Organizational Self-Assessment Related to Racial Equity, originally developed by Coalition

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Racial Equity Statement

Marin Promise Partners believe that a shared racial equity statement will amplify our collective impact. Join us in posting this statement and promoting racial equity in Marin.

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