Press Coverage Compilation

January 9, 2021


12.02.22 Marin launches free satellite internet program for coastal families, Marin IJ

12.15.22 Report: Marin housing unattainable for many education staffers, Marin IJ

11.08.22 Changing systems from cradle to career in Marin County, StriveTogether

11.22.22 Marin education network recognized for equity efforts, Marin IJ

10.22.22 Sausalito Marin City School District gets $3.4M for child care, early education, Marin IJ

10.24.22 Research reveals collective impact improves postsecondary outcomes, StriveTogether

9.17.22 Tam Union school board race draws 6 candidates for 3 seats, Marin IJ

9.27.22 Marin public schools enrollment down 10% since pre-pandemic, Marin IJ

7.21.22 Marin Voice: School district leadership in Sausalito, Marin City pushing courageous path forward (Robin Pendole), Marin IJ

6.6.22 Marin school district’s poor grades prompt intervention, Marin IJ

5.20.22 Marin Voice: Next County Superintendent of Schools Must Commit to Educational Equity, Marin IJ

5.15.22 San Quentin site could go from guns to affordable homes, with support from state, San Francisco Chronicle

5.13.22 San Rafael names Latino community leader as citizen of year, Marin IJ

5.12.22 California set to launch hundreds of community schools with $635 million in grants, EdSource (Partners on the list of grant recipients)



12/18/21 Marin Voice: We must work to get needed resources in hands of students, Marin IJ

08/12/2021 Marin Voice: Creating a more equitable county through education, Marin IJ

07/08/2021 Marin libraries inch toward pre-pandemic staffing, services, Marin IJ 

07/07/2021 New Marin summer school tackles real-world issues, Marin IJ

05/03/2021 West Marin preschools to join Shoreline district, Marin IJ

05/01/2021 Shoreline will take over Tomales preschool, but wait on Papermill Creek, Point Reyes Light

03/13/2021 Marin Voice: If we want to help every child reach their full potential, we have work to do, Marin IJ



12/29/2020 Marin learning hubs flourish as pandemic grinds on, Marin IJ

12/17/2020 Collaboration to Identify and Eliminate Gaps in ‘Digital Divide’, County of Marin

12/09/2020 Education Pioneers Selects New Cohort of Senior Leaders to Support Education Sector’s COVID-19 Response, Educational Pioneers 

11/16/2020 Marin officials weigh grant requests by nonprofits, Marin IJ

10/01/2020 Marin Promise Partnership Racial Equity Statement, North Bay Woman, page 48

09/23/2020 Mill Valley school board candidates detail priorities, Marin IJ

09/06/2020 Marin City ‘learning hub’ offers alternative to private tutors, Marin IJ

07/20/2020 Parents, this is not the way to reduce Marin’s inequalities, Marin IJ

06/01/2020 Marin Promise Partnership Racial Equity Statement, North Bay Woman, page 55

05/11/2020 Kentfield School District names new superintendent, Marin IJ

01/01/2020 Special Publications – Marin Promise Partnership Insert, Marin IJ



09/26/2019 West Marin Fund: Start equity work young, Point Reyes Light

03/17/2019 Marin districts tackle college preparation inequities, Marin IJ

02/07/2019 Editorial: Marin partnership a good sign for local youth, Marin IJ

02/03/2019 Marin coalition gets $300K for education equity, Marin IJ

01/29/2019 StriveTogether awards up to $7 million in grants for communities to improve results at major milestones in kids’ lives, StriveTogether



12/09/2018 Keep focus on Dixie issue; avoid individual attacks, Marin IJ Readers’ Forum

09/23/2018 Newsom’s ‘cradle-to-career’ education pledge will require sweeping changes in California, EdSource

09/10/2018 San Rafael school board race: 3 candidates, 2 seats, Marin IJ 



09/01/2017 Marin Promise Partnership Closing the Gap of Education Equality, Marin Magazine

05/08/2017 Marin nonprofit pushes for education equity, Marin IJ