Webinar – Prop 15 & 16 help further educational equity

October 5, 2020

Every year, school districts across the state lose out on funding while women and people of color lose out on employment and business opportunities as a result of structural barriers to equity. Marin Promise Partners have made a Racial Equity Statement, committing themselves to “identify and dismantle racial inequities, and to provide equity-based support, so that Marin’s most vulnerable children can achieve their full potential.” Now, partners have the opportunity to take action — In a joint effort, Canal Alliance and Ed Trust West have provided resources for partners to learn about and support educational equity initiatives on the ballot this November.

Proposition 15 updates corporate property tax laws to ensure large companies pay their fair share of taxes. If passed, Prop 15 is estimated to raise $12 billion annually in new revenue to support public schools and essential services throughout the state. The California Teachers Association estimates that Prop 15 could generate millions of dollars in new funding for Marin County School Districts.

And, 60% of the funding generated by Prop 15 will be distributed to local governments for services including libraries, health clinics, transportation, and parks. As a cross-sector partnership, ALL Marin Promise Partners have a stake in ensuring that Prop 15 is passed.

Proposition 16 would repeal Prop 209 and reinstate affirmative action in California — making it permissible to use gender and race-conscious strategies for the purpose of ensuring equal opportunity in our public education system and workforce. Prop 16 aligns with the Partnership’s Antiracist Framework by actively and boldly affirming and advancing racial equity and actively interrupting racism to reduce racial disparities. 


Both initiatives need a simple majority (51% of votes) to pass. Here’s how you can take action to support Prop 15 & 16: