Partner Resource Referrals: Racial Equity Professional Development

November 18, 2019

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This is a list of professional development workshops, training opportunities, and conferences that Marin Promise Partners have used to improve the cultural responsiveness of their staff. This document was developed out of the work of the Partners during their Leadership Council meetings in 2017-2018.

During those Leadership Council meetings, partners set S.M.A.R.T.E. goals to focus and measure their action commitments. In reflecting on those commitments, partners began comparing various professional development tools and resources. What emerged is a living referral document of resources referred by partners to partners in their collaborative journey toward a more culturally responsive educational ecosystem. This document will continue to be updated as new resources are added by the partners.

Click HERE to learn more about the Partnership’s Cultural Responsiveness Initiative.

We’re Hiring – The Partnership is looking for a Operations Manager

Are you the Partnership’s next Operations Manager? Do you know someone who is super organized and passionate about educational equity? We’re looking for an Operations Manager with project management, data and communications experience to help Community-based Partners unite around bold, transformative, antiracist collaborative action strategies to achieve educational equity.

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Community Schools

A community school is a “whole-child” approach to improve schools, provide more equitable opportunities, and prepare children for success in learning and in life. Community Schools provide the resources, opportunities, and support that make academic success possible and that create strong ties among educators, families, students, schools, and community.

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