Ready, Set, Vote! – Get Informed – Watch the Candidate Forums

November 4, 2022

A school board member’s role and responsibility is challenging and critical. A small group of people is tasked to give voice to the entire public-school community and represent their needs, understand their challenges, and work hard on their behalf to ensure schools remain equitable regardless of race or class or language or origin.

That’s why so many of our co-host partners from 10,000 Degrees, Community Action Marin, Canal Alliance, SchoolsRule, and Schools Fuel came together to make these forums possible. These partners made sure that a Spanish language interpreter was provided for communities with Spanish-speaking populations, implemented outreach strategies, and ensured that questions for the candidates focused on equity and were developed in partnership with the community. There were many logistics to manage in order to create multiple successful forums, and partners stepped up to the challenge!

Why were the Partners so dedicated to making these forums happen?

Time and again we have seen that doing the same thing in schools that has been done over and over for years is not serving all students, particularly students of color and students whose families are forced to work in low-income positions.

We know that Marin County and the community can serve students and their families so that every single student reaches his, or her; or their full potential- from cradle to career. To do so will take every single one of us regardless of whether we have children in the schools and working together to have the most impact.

We hope that these forums help you make a decision when voting for a candidate who represents your values. School board elections are critical as they determine how money will be budgeted and spent, issues to prioritize, and leadership during times of reward and challenge. Please share this information in your communities and go out and vote so that you have an influence on the future of your schools.