Scaling Success Networks

November 2, 2020

Success Networks work toward school transformation and building a community in which all students are likely to succeed as measured by academic, social and emotional wellbeing. Scaling Success Networks was identified as a priority by the Leadership Team for this year after 3 years of promising data in key indicators.

After three years of implementing a site-based collective impact group at Tam High School whose mission is to increase the achievement of all students while accelerating the growth of target populations — including students of color, students with low SES, English Language Learners, SPED students, and foster youth — the Partnership has refined a series of collective practice shifts to improve student learning. The Tam High Success Network includes a racially and professionally diverse group of school and community partners committed to interrupting the predictability of outcomes for students of color, especially those from Marin City, by interrupting systemic patterns on both a student and systems level. Partners in the Success Network achieve this by participating in rigorous cycles of inquiry, deepening relationships between school and community partners, leveraging existing resources, challenging assumptions and shifting mental models, being advocates for students, and being antiracist leaders on campus. Explore more learnings from three years of the Tam High Success Network HERE.

In June of this year, Scaling Success Networks was named within the Partnership’s Collaborative Action Priorities 2020-21. During their most recent meeting on October 23 — the Partnership’s Leadership Team discussed existing plans to scale Success Networks across the county. Partners from the Tam High Success Network shared successes and challenges, and Leadership Team members learned that the coordinator role is a key node determining Network success. Scaling Success Networks across the county will require significant re-alignment of school resources dedicated to developing staff capacity for coordination, facilitation and data processing. Scaling Success Networks is a worthwhile investment because it strengthens the county-wide infrastructure for college & career readiness and invests in the critical policies, practices, and people closest to students and families. Learn more about the process to build and scale Success Networks HERE.