The Partnership Completes a New Strategic Plan

November 29, 2022

Over the last year, representatives across Marin Promise Partnership’s governing bodies worked to address a threat to our collective mission: despite our best efforts over the last decade, Marin’s educational equity gaps are not closing fast enough to achieve our 2028 vision. After a year of planning – including intensive partner engagement, research, and collaborative design, all supported by educational equity experts at the Public Equity Group – MPP’s Board of Directors, Youth & Family Council, and Leadership Team approved a new strategic plan for the Partnership in June 2022.

The plan serves as a blueprint to build upon efforts that are working to close educational equity gaps across Marin, and incorporates the following principles:

  • Engage youth and families: Center the voices of youth and families; intentionally integrate youth and family with public sector leaders, CBOs and funders to create shared power
  • Respond to community needs: Recognize the variation in community context, including understanding the work that has already begun and differences in needs and capacity, while still connecting at a countywide level to learn from each other and move common priorities together
  • Embed antiracism in our approach: Ensure our partnership’s collaborative action infrastructure is rooted in an antiracist and continuous improvement approach
  • Advance advocacy at all levels: The Partnership should support advocacy as a strategy that can boldly happen both in individual communities and countywide to accelerate the work

Together, Partners and the Backbone Team are using the strategic plan to guide their collaborative work, and these principles are already taking shape across the Partnership’s initiatives.