West Marin School

November 23, 2020

Another great example of community collaboration. This Learning Hub started in the West Marin Library and recently moved over to the West Marin School. As is the case with most Hubs, staff availability was this Hub’s limiting factor. When additional staff was needed to expand the Hub’s reach, the Library was able to leverage its existing connection with XR Marin, a makerspace media enrichment program at the South Novato Library that had recently been converted to a Learning Hub. XR Marin, knowing that it had staff living in Fairfax who were under-utilized at its Novato location, was able to increase their staff’s hours by relocating them out to West Marin. Having found staff, the West Marin Fund stepped in to provide financial support. This was a win-win for everyone. The West Marin School offered space to add cohorts, the Library amended its service contract with XR Marin to include services in West Marin, the West Marin Fund provided financial resources, the XR staff got increased hours and a reduced commute, and, most importantly, the students who were in desperate need of Distance Learning support found a caring, supportive environment to keep from slipping into the ever widening COIVD learning gap.