Young School Board Candidates Respond to Educational Inequity

November 2, 2020

For Marin’s young progressive candidates, the lack of political power that young people yield in Marin’s educational systems evokes a familiar feeling of frustration. The lack of authentic representation in decision-making bodies fuels their passion for systems change. That is why they are stepping into leadership and running for elected office.

These progressive candidate’s platforms are centered on their lived experience as BIPOC and LGTBQI leaders and, despite what happens on Tuesday, they are set to be Marin’s new transformational powerhouses!

Some of the themes that have emerged from these candidates are:

  • A request for asset based framing vs. deficit framing
  • Decolonization of the K-12 curriculum. “Ethnic Studies and culturally relevant curriculum in schools is essential, and not just for students of color but for white students who will grow up to be teachers, doctors, lawyers, and in law-enforcement”.
  • Support for a community schools model that wraps around the entire family from “cradle-to -career” and beyond.
  • A clear request for more mentorship for Marin County’s young leaders.
    Data collection needs to include Nonbinary and Transgender demographic data options that are separate from Male and Female students—otherwise groups will continue to be marginalized by the system.
  • White allies need to step back and leverage their power and position to seat new BIPOC leaders at the table and support candidates of color who grew up in Marin County public schools.

These young leader’s unshakeable commitment to equity is inspiring and will no doubt push the Partnership to consider new, bold possibilities. We look forward to hearing more from them, and other young leaders, as we move forward in convening the Partnership’s Youth & Family Council.