V2About Us

Working Together
For Educational Equity

Our Vision of the Future

A diverse collection of over 100 school districts, community members and nonprofit organizations have come together as a cross-sector, county-wide, Cradle to Career Partnership to strengthen Marin’s system of schools and educational support services for all children. Marin Promise Partnership combines the direct service expertise of partners and provides data that assists partners to accomplish together what non can do alone.


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Early Childhood Education will prepare children 0-5yrs to enter school ready to succeed, as measured by Kindergarten
cohorts achieving “Ready To Go” on the Kindergarten Student Entrance Profile

3rd Grade

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Early Grade Education will enable K-3rd graders to master the critical literacy skills necessary for continued academic success, as measured by schools meeting or exceeding the 3rd grade Common Core standard.

8th Grade

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Elementary Education will enable students to master the critical math concepts necessary for college and career readiness, as measured by schools meeting or exceeding the 8th grade Common Core standard.

College & Career Readiness

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High School Education will prepare students to enter and succeed in college and career programs as measured by school performance on the CA School Dashboard and UC/CSU eligibility (i.e. complete all “a-g” classes at a C- or better).

College & Career
Program Enrollment

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High School Education
will ensure that students can
continue their learning journey after they graduate, as measured by college or career program enrollment rates in National Student Clearinghouse.

College & Career
Program Completion

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Postsecondary Education will support students to complete their course of study ready for a bright and successful future, as measured by 6 year completion
rates in the National Student SYSTEMIC IMPACT GOALS Clearinghouse.

Core Values

Partnership Initiatives are focused on Early Childhood school readiness, Grade Level Learning in literacy and math, high school students graduating Future Ready for college, career and beyond, taking Antiracist Action, increasing educators of color through Marin Educators for Equity, ensuring Digital Inclusion, and building civic infrastructure through Community Collaboratives.





Their Future Is Our Mission

We promise that by 2028 we will have closed educational equity gaps at every stage along a student’s cradle to career journey. That’s why more than 100 school districts, community members, nonprofits, funders, businesses, and government agencies have joined forces to work together as a county-wide, cross-sector, cradle-to-career partnership. With the support of MPP back-bone team staff, using the nationally recognized StriveTogether collective impact framework, we are taking an antiracist stance to break down barriers, build relationships, change systems, and improve lives.

The Support of Our Partners

Partners are public champions for each other and the collective work of the Partnership. Each Partner agency agrees to align with the Partnership’s vision for educational equity and its Cradle-to-Career framework. Partners work together through the Partnership’s Collaborative Improvement Process aimed at achieving equitable outcomes for all students.

“I believe that Marin Promise is the answer we have been waiting for – using a proven, successful model of collaboration and data-driven decision-making to make real system-wide change. We need to rethink ‘business as usual’ because it isn’t working.”

– Shelley Brown
Milagro Foundation