Youth & Family Council

The Youth & Family Council reviews, shapes, and promotes policies, priorities and strategies of the Partnership. 

The Council’s key areas of responsibility include:

  • Representing Key Community Constituencies — Systematically gathering and providing insights from members of the community on Partnership policies and priorities.
  • Approving Strategic Priorities — Utilize data and lived experience to approve strategic priorities prior to presentation to LT for final approval.
  • Leveraging Community Power and Resources — Work with their own constituencies to communicate and advocate to enact the Partnership’s equity agenda, including efforts to mobilize public support.

Current Youth and Family Council Members

The council is comprised of representatives with lived community experience of students, youth, and families throughout Marin County — particularly representatives from BIPOC communities. 

Students & Youth

Xavier Asperer, Student – NUSD

Sergio Dominguez, Student – SUSD

Amina Markham, Student – SRCS

Yessica Garcia, Student – Marin Community School

Noah Block, Youth Justice & COM

Zianah Monroe, Marin Anti-racist Coalition

Samantha Ramirez, Youth Leadership Institute

Brandon Johnson, Tam Racial Justice Task Force 


Parents & Educators

Desmond Fambrini, Educator

Amy Markham, Parent

Zaida Bejaron, Parent – Latinos Unidos for Marin Association

Damaris Caro, Parent – NUSD

Cristina Salcedo, Parent & Educator – SUSD

Isabel Recendiz, Parent – SRCS

Monica Cañas, Parent –  LCMSD

TBD, Parent – SMCSD